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Private Conversations the new old Social Experience

For me personally I was attracted to Facebook because it represented a way to stay in touch with many people in a passive way.  I also could re-connect with old friends from High School or University that I otherwise would … Continue reading

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Why Open Social is important to the Social Experience

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are well-known and used daily.  We network with family, friends and even strangers through these mediums.  The motivation behind the usage varies greatly from individual to individual. I really do not want to get … Continue reading

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Sproutcore on Windows

Once in a while I get these feelings, which tells me something really really big is about to happen. When I get these feelings I cannot sleep because I become like a child waiting for Christmas morning. This is exactly … Continue reading

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Yahoo! partners with Google?

Is it just me or is anyone else impressed with this move?  I am not really a big fan of Yahoo! however the company seemed to have been in a state of disarray after being completely attacked in the media for not … Continue reading

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