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Excellent Info-graphic on different Social Sites and Mobile

Found this info-graphic on It shows how the number of  users on each social network and approximately how many of those users are using mobile clients.  It’s an excellent visualization and I think it speaks for itself.  The trend for the … Continue reading

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SMS: Over 5 Trillion messages in 2009

This just amazes me.  I just read a blog post stating that 5 trillion SMS messages are sent around the world in 2009.  I can only imagine that number will be for 2010.  That is just huge and it makes … Continue reading

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Social Networks in Entertainment: Get Glue

I went to the movies last week on a Friday night after a long time.  As I was sitting there waiting for the film to start I noticed how full the movie hall was and how many users were pulling … Continue reading

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Micro-computers on Airplanes and a Futuristic Idea

One of the trends that I see happening as we move into the future is the pervasiveness of computers everywhere.   I also see these computers becoming smaller and smaller and varying in different functionalities.  One such functionality that I envision would … Continue reading

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Google Reader and other RSS Readers on Symbian Phones

RSS, Really Simple Syndication. Really?  RSS has been around what seems like ages.  Its just the de-facto way for me to read content from the Internet.  Yet this weekend when I tried to read RSS feeds on my symbian phone I felt … Continue reading

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iPhone missing key feature

I think the iPhone is missing one key feature that if added would open the door to multiple new and interesting applications.  Have I got your attention?  I think its missing a second video camera facing the user. Naturally a … Continue reading

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Bubbles – a new UI for Mobile Phones

This just blew me away.   Watch this video to see an elegant user interface design for touch screen phones.

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