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Excellent Info-graphic on different Social Sites and Mobile

Found this info-graphic on It shows how the number of  users on each social network and approximately how many of those users are using mobile clients.  It’s an excellent visualization and I think it speaks for itself.  The trend for the … Continue reading

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SMS: Over 5 Trillion messages in 2009

This just amazes me.  I just read a blog post stating that 5 trillion SMS messages are sent around the world in 2009.  I can only imagine that number will be for 2010.  That is just huge and it makes … Continue reading

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Social Networks in Entertainment: Get Glue

I went to the movies last week on a Friday night after a long time.  As I was sitting there waiting for the film to start I noticed how full the movie hall was and how many users were pulling … Continue reading

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Micro-computers on Airplanes and a Futuristic Idea

One of the trends that I see happening as we move into the future is the pervasiveness of computers everywhere.   I also see these computers becoming smaller and smaller and varying in different functionalities.  One such functionality that I envision would … Continue reading

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Google Reader and other RSS Readers on Symbian Phones

RSS, Really Simple Syndication. Really?  RSS has been around what seems like ages.  Its just the de-facto way for me to read content from the Internet.  Yet this weekend when I tried to read RSS feeds on my symbian phone I felt … Continue reading

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iPhone missing key feature

I think the iPhone is missing one key feature that if added would open the door to multiple new and interesting applications.  Have I got your attention?  I think its missing a second video camera facing the user. Naturally a … Continue reading

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Bubbles – a new UI for Mobile Phones

This just blew me away.   Watch this video to see an elegant user interface design for touch screen phones.

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I had to choose: CDMA or GSM?

Having recently moved back to Canada, I just got reaquainted with the two different mobile standards that exist in North America.  Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) or Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM).  In Europe we had one choice, at … Continue reading

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RIM launches new BlackBerry Pearl smart phones

Research in Motion (RIM) has been very busy the last weeks, launching first the BlackBerry Bold and now the they release an update to the BlackBerry Pearl product line.  In addition the the BlackBerry Thunder, RIM’s very own touch screen … Continue reading

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