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Private Conversations the new old Social Experience

For me personally I was attracted to Facebook because it represented a way to stay in touch with many people in a passive way.  I also could re-connect with old friends from High School or University that I otherwise would … Continue reading

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Facebook “Places” Promotional Video, Emotionally evoking

Facebook Places has been blogged about and blogged about.  I tried to resist the temptation to post anything about it.  However, after watching the promotional video from Facebook I was forced to join the rest.  The thing is that Facebook’s … Continue reading

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Facebook Pages: Marketing Strategy unveiled

If you are like me you have casually come across Facebook Pages and not really been inclined to interact on these Pages.  It seems to be the case that many brands have not fully developed a strategy for using this … Continue reading

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Personalized Web vs Social Web

I have been seeing the terms “Personalized Web” and “Social Web” being used a lot these days on the interent.  The differentiation between these two terms may not be as obvious as some think.  I have not really found a … Continue reading

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Why does no one like the new Facebook?

Lately I feel like the only person who likes the new Facebook layout.  I find the layout more functional, easier to use, easier to find photos, and much easier to follow all my friends.  Since the new Facebook I find … Continue reading

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Yahoo! partners with Google?

Is it just me or is anyone else impressed with this move?  I am not really a big fan of Yahoo! however the company seemed to have been in a state of disarray after being completely attacked in the media for not … Continue reading

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