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Micro-computers on Airplanes and a Futuristic Idea

One of the trends that I see happening as we move into the future is the pervasiveness of computers everywhere.   I also see these computers becoming smaller and smaller and varying in different functionalities.  One such functionality that I envision would … Continue reading

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Time Management from Chris Brogan

Just watched this video from Chris Brogan, who I find as both  influential and interesting when it comes to social media.  You can follow him at  This video is his take on Time Management and how we choose to … Continue reading

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Is Bing better then Google?

So I am going to warn you this is a rant.  I just finished reading an article from CNN titled “How Bing is out-innovating Google“.  After reading this article I was not convinced.  The last time I used Bing, which … Continue reading

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Personalized Web vs Social Web

I have been seeing the terms “Personalized Web” and “Social Web” being used a lot these days on the interent.  The differentiation between these two terms may not be as obvious as some think.  I have not really found a … Continue reading

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Building Local Social Communities Online

Technology has brought people from different parts of the world closer together through the use of social networks, email and even phoning.  But technology has also made people who are physically close to each other more distant.  Case in point, … Continue reading

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iPhone missing key feature

I think the iPhone is missing one key feature that if added would open the door to multiple new and interesting applications.  Have I got your attention?  I think its missing a second video camera facing the user. Naturally a … Continue reading

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Why does no one like the new Facebook?

Lately I feel like the only person who likes the new Facebook layout.  I find the layout more functional, easier to use, easier to find photos, and much easier to follow all my friends.  Since the new Facebook I find … Continue reading

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New Microsoft Ad: I am a PC, I like it!

The new Microsft Ad has been lauched. Sienfield is gone, Gates is still there and there are a whole slew of new peronalities in the ad.   Personally, I really like the energy of the new ad. The ad is … Continue reading

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Things: What’s missing and what’s next?

I have been using Things from Cultured Code for a few months now and while I am a huge fan, there is are one of two possible features that I really need: a web based client or a Windows Desktop … Continue reading

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iPhone 2.1 firmware update, just fabulous

I updated my iPhone to the new iPhone 2.1 firmware and I am so extreamly pleased!  The iPhone overall feels more responsive and finally delivers on the usability and statbility that was expected when the 2.0 software was released early … Continue reading

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