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Facebook “Places” Promotional Video, Emotionally evoking

Facebook Places has been blogged about and blogged about.  I tried to resist the temptation to post anything about it.  However, after watching the promotional video from Facebook I was forced to join the rest.  The thing is that Facebook’s … Continue reading

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Apple Tablet on its way, February

The Apple Tablet is coming.  Thats a given.  This is interesting to me because, well quite frankly Apple is doing this.  So aside from the hardware side of things, there is a long term business strategy here and my gut … Continue reading

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iPhone missing key feature

I think the iPhone is missing one key feature that if added would open the door to multiple new and interesting applications.  Have I got your attention?  I think its missing a second video camera facing the user. Naturally a … Continue reading

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The making of Things, from Cultured Code

I know I keep posting about Things, but I just can not get enough of it.   Here is a link to a page which I find really cool, because it steps you through the evolution or making of “Things” … Continue reading

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Things: What’s missing and what’s next?

I have been using Things from Cultured Code for a few months now and while I am a huge fan, there is are one of two possible features that I really need: a web based client or a Windows Desktop … Continue reading

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iPhone 2.1 firmware update, just fabulous

I updated my iPhone to the new iPhone 2.1 firmware and I am so extreamly pleased!  The iPhone overall feels more responsive and finally delivers on the usability and statbility that was expected when the 2.0 software was released early … Continue reading

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iPhone 2.0.2 update

Apple just released a new update for the iPhone.  Bug fixes and apparently performance improvements are to be expected.  Another step to iPhone stability I hope 🙂 More here.

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