Micro-computers on Airplanes and a Futuristic Idea

One of the trends that I see happening as we move into the future is the pervasiveness of computers everywhere.   I also see these computers becoming smaller and smaller and varying in different functionalities.  One such functionality that I envision would be sensors.  These sensors would contain both information and be able to talk to different sensors or computers.  An example use case would solve a pet peve of mine.

Imagine a plugged-in airplane with microsensors talking to our smart phones.

When I fly from Canada to any other country I need to usually fill in a customs card.  I hate doing this.  I hate having to during my flight grab my passport, find a pen, pull down the food tray, and start filling out the card.  The card then asks for the flight information which for some reason I never remember so once again I have to pull out the boarding card and hope I can still find it.

I hate this process and find it really annoying.

With sensors and mobile computers, such as our smart phone why not stream line this process.  Air planes could be pre-programmed with sensors that would have all the flight details such as, the Flight destination, port information, and te flight number.  This way when I board the airplane the sensor could wirelessly communicate with my smart phone fill in the flight information for me automatically.  All my passport and personal detail could be imported into my “virtual mobile custom card application” (VMCCA).  A password would be neeeded or some kind of bio-metric hardware like a fingerprint reader to unlock the personal data.  After all protecting passport details and personal data is still a top priority.

Presto that silly customs card that I needed to fill in comes pre-filled with all relative information.  All I need to do is fill in the purpose of my trip and if I am returning home, how much I spent.  I might also need to enter an address for where I will be staying or fill in the card for multiple family members.  The application would easily integrate with my address book and I could grab all the contact details that I need.  There is very little to no typing needed.  No struggling to find or borrow a pen and no reaching into my bag to grab my passport or boarding card.

When I land I can send this information ahead of time to the custom officiers with a simple click on a “SEND” button and stream line the process.  Imagine that!

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