Google Reader and other RSS Readers on Symbian Phones

RSS, Really Simple Syndication. Really?  RSS has been around what seems like ages.  Its just the de-facto way for me to read content from the Internet.  Yet this weekend when I tried to read RSS feeds on my symbian phone I felt like I was back in the dark ages.  I just could not get the kind of experience that users on an iPhone can get.

Google Reader is a web based RSS Reader that is loved and used by many.  The Google Reader integration on the Safari Browser for the iPhone is almost on par with the experience on the desktop.  While I find the iPhone version fails on innovation its still a decent reading experience.  The Google Reader experience on a Symbian Phone is simply a list of RSS feeds.  That was cool maybe a few eons ago but now its just sucks.  Navigating to different feeds is really cumbersome and the UX is just no longer engaging.  Symbian phones are better now and the user expereicnce needs to be on par.

Browsing the OVI store I saw only three choices for reading RSS feeds.  None of which where customizable or well designed.  For such an integral feature on a mobile platform why is the experience so poor?  I asked myself the question is there no demand?  If there is no demand how much of that can be directly linked to the poor design RSS Readers?

I really hope that Google finds the talent and time to improve this experience on other mobile platforms other then their own and the iPhone.  There are a lot of users who are waiting for it.

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