Facebook Pages: Marketing Strategy unveiled

If you are like me you have casually come across Facebook Pages and not really been inclined to interact on these Pages.  It seems to be the case that many brands have not fully developed a strategy for using this powerful Marketing Tool.  An independent report identified eight criterias for marketing success on Facebook Pages and then ranked 30 major brands.  Pampers ranked as one of the top brands while Xerox was the lowest.  Its an excellent read.  Here is a link to the report.

Here are the eight factors for ease of reference:

  1. Set community Expectations
  2. Provide cohesive branding
  3. Be up to date
  4. Live Authenticity
  5. Participate in Dialog
  6. Enable peer-to-peer interactions
  7. Foster advocacy
  8. Solicit a call to action

I think its critical today for every business to create a brand awarness.  Social communities have made it very difficult for companies to control their brand image.  Recomendations from social networking peers have a higher influence on the perception of  a firm’s brand.  Some reports go so far to say its almost impossible to control your brand image.  Having a Facebook Page Marketing strategy is not only a good idea but essential in today’s social networking age.

It will not be long before we will be saying to each other, “Check out company XYZ’s Facebook Page” when trying to find vital information about different companies.

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