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Bubbles – a new UI for Mobile Phones

This just blew me away.   Watch this video to see an elegant user interface design for touch screen phones.

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Operator Overloading vs Operator Overriding

Operator Overloading in C++ refers to the case when a multiple methods with the same name exist but take arguments of different types as its input.  The classical example is an Add Method which can add different objects of different … Continue reading

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Virtual Destructors and Constructors in C++

In C++ you can have virtual destructors but NOT virtual constructors. This is because when an object has virtual functions it must have an associated v-table which keeps track of the addresses to the virtual functions for that class.  That … Continue reading

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Bubble sort in C/C++

// Bubble Sort has a performance of O(n^2) and is a comparison sort void doBubbleSort(){ int a[4]; a[0] = 1; a[1] = 0; a[2] = 10; a[3] = 6; int len = sizeof(a)/sizeof(a[0]); // The actual Bubble Sort Algorithm bool … Continue reading

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Inserting into a Linked List

Here is some example code, I wrote in C++, demonstrating how to build up a linked list while respecting the sort order. In this example the list is kept in ascending order.  I defined my Node in the following way: … Continue reading

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Name Mangling in C++

Name mangling in C++ is the concept of generating a unique name for an identifier by the C++ compiler.  Name mangling is also known as Name Decoration.  Implementation is compiler specific.  Name Mangling is classified as a Application Binary Interface … Continue reading

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Inheritance in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) lends itself to another powerful feature known as Polymorphism.  I will speak about this in context of of the programming language C++.  In an over simplistic explanation polymorphism can be seen as function and/or … Continue reading

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I had to choose: CDMA or GSM?

Having recently moved back to Canada, I just got reaquainted with the two different mobile standards that exist in North America.  Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) or Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM).  In Europe we had one choice, at … Continue reading

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Multiple Inheritance

In a previous post I discussed the Object Oriented Programming concept of Inheritance.  This post will discuss Multiple Inheritance.  Multiple Inheritance is the concept of an object deriving itself from multiple super classes.  Not all programming languages support this Multiple … Continue reading

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OOP – Inheritance

Inheritance is an Object Oriented Programming technique that allows for code reuse.  An object can share a common set of features with other objects.  Take for example the object Shape.  All shapes will have a name and a method to … Continue reading

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