RIM launches new BlackBerry Pearl smart phones

Research in Motion (RIM) has been very busy the last weeks, launching first the BlackBerry Bold and now the they release an update to the BlackBerry Pearl product line.  In addition the the BlackBerry Thunder, RIM’s very own touch screen smart phone, is expected sometime in October.  

The emergence of the iPhone on the smart phone scene over a year ago had many analysts predicting dark days for RIM.  This could not be anymore farther away from the truth.  RIM’s market share has grown tremendously since and continues to look strong.

As a personal observation over the last seven years of living in Europe the BlackBerry product has gained strong public recognition. I can recall in my first years how very few people had ever heard of the BlackBerry or RIM.  

I cannot comment too much on the BlackBerry Pearl because I have not owned one.  I have seen many with the Pearl and it is a very pretty phone.  RIM has extended the Pearl design to a clap phone, officially called the BlackBerry 8220.  Both the BlackBerry 8100 Series and the new 8220 are gorgeous and highlight the following features:

  • Wi-Fi® Support
  • Mobile Streaming
  • Video Recording
I would love to test drive any or all of these new devices, but current budgetary restrictions tell me thats not going to happen anytime soon.  In the meanwhile, I would be glad to hear user experiences especially when compared to the iPhone.  
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