New Microsoft Ad: I am a PC, I like it!

The new Microsft Ad has been lauched. Sienfield is gone, Gates is still there and there are a whole slew of new peronalities in the ad.  

Personally, I really like the energy of the new ad. The ad is fast pace and the Mirocsoft brand is up front and center.  There is no more confusion about what the message is.  I think that is really important when trying to deal with a large audience.

On the other hand Microsoft capitalizes on its large consumer base and does not really deal with the issues in these ads.  They clearly accuse Apple for being elitest.  Yet the ad is witty and combative and exactly what Microsoft needs to do in response to the Apple ads.  Hopefully Microsoft has not gone too far and this ad do not hurt them and make them look too hostile.  Take a look for yourself, and tell me what you think?

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2 Responses to New Microsoft Ad: I am a PC, I like it!

  1. Usman Shami says:

    my best part was, “roger that houston, I am a PC”
    “I am Roger, and I am a PC”

    gotta love those. There was another one on youtube, the shorter 30 seconds one, where there are two boxers at the end and the dominant one asks, “Do you have a problem with that?”

    Great energy in both the Ads.

    I am a PC and I am Darn proud of it

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