Things: What’s missing and what’s next?

I have been using Things from Cultured Code for a few months now and while I am a huge fan, there is are one of two possible features that I really need: a web based client or a Windows Desktop version.  

I like entering most of my tasks in the desktop version and using the iPhone to manage my tasks.  The desktop application is great but it sits on my home computer while at work I have a PC with no chance to use it.  That leaves me with only one possibility to enter tasks via the iPhone app.  While the iPhone application is great it is not as efficient as the desktop version.

There only two solutions that come to my mind to solve this problem.  Either Cultured Code releases a Windows desktop client of Things or a Web Based Application.  My preference is to the web based application as it offers a platform independent solution.  The web based application would naturally have to provide synchronization with the desktop client as well as the iPhone client.  In the end what users will want is what MobileMe promised but sadly has not fully delivered. Synchronization across not only mutliple platforms but also multiple devices such as the iPhone, instantaneously. 

Currently mobileMe is a very closed framework and integrating any third party tool is not a possibility. Apple has promised push notifications for the iPhone SDK.  It was supposed to be part of the iPhone 2.1 release.  However, the service was deemed not ready and removed from the feature list.  Once this feature is available Cultured Code could push tasks from the desktop to the iPhone and vice versa.  This would definettly improve synchronization but not really solve my issue.

If I give Apple the benefit of the doubt and trust that mobileMe will one day deliver on its promises, then it is accurate to say that it will also provide a great place for Apple to develop a new tool for handling tasks in GTD type of way.  This would be a great addition to iLife.

I think though, that my money has to be on third party vendors to lead the way and I think Cultured Code is well positioned to take on this role.  On their website they have posted the next features that they will be introducing in future versions.  This list includes support for:

  • Quicksilver integration
  • Global Search
  • Smart Folders
  • Integration in Apple Mail

For a full list of features please look here.

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2 Responses to Things: What’s missing and what’s next?

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  2. Torbjørn Vik Lunde says:

    I absolutely agree. Push would especially be useful for task reminders.

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