Things 0.9.4 Update, adds iPhone, iCal Sync

Cultured Code released updates to “Things“, the task management application, for both its desktop and iPhone versions. I wrote about Cultured Code recently which you can find here. The new versions brings significant updates, in particular, iPhone and iCal syncing. Till this release tasks entered in either system would either have to be duplicated on both platforms or simply exist on one or the other. In my case, I used only the iPhone version. So I am very pleased with this update. What’s even more cool is that the syncing works via WiFi, no cables needed! I love that and hope more and more applications implement syncing features like this.

To start syncing go to the File menu, select Preferences and then select either the iPhone or iCal page. I updated my iPhone application first and then the desktop version. I then turned the WiFi setting on for my iPhone. I turn this setting off when I am not at home to conserver battery life. My iMac is on the same WiFi connection which is the only requirement. I then opened the Preferences Dialog and paired the desktop version with the iPhone version. This process is similar to pairing an AppleTV with an iTunes library on your Mac. That’s was it. All my tasks, and projects were synced from my iPhone to the desktop.

Picture 3.png











I look forward to continuing my usage of these new features which I am sure will help me to be more productive. The desktop version is still in BETA and can be downloaded for free. However, when it is released the price will be 49 dollars for the general public and 39 dollars to those who subscribed to the newsletter. Personally, I find the price a bit steep and believe the product would sell better at a 20 dollar price point.

I really like the direction and the speed in which this application is delivering new features. What is still missing for me is a web version and windows version.


Update: Things: What’s missing and what’s next?

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2 Responses to Things 0.9.4 Update, adds iPhone, iCal Sync

  1. spiff says:

    So your experience is now better with the iPhone 3G? How about battery life?

  2. Mohan Gulati says:

    Not sure I understand your question in relation to the article. But as of the time I wrote the article the battery life of the iPhone still was horrible.

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