iPhone App: Things by Cultured Code

One of the best applications that I have found for the iPhone is “Things“. “Things” is a task manager that is implemented with the philosophy of “Getting Things Done” (GTD )in mind. The user interface is simple to use and easy to understand. I downloaded this tool and within minutes was productive. Initially I could collect my ideas in an Inbox and then later on assign or move the task to a project or to the TODAY list. Its really very intuitive and a perfect application for the iPhone. Creating projects is easy and as far I can see there are no limits to the amount of projects that you wish to create. Each task has a Title, Notes and a possible Due Date. That’s it.

Currently there is no way to sync these tasks with iCal’s todo list. However, this partially due to the fact that Apple has not provide anyway to directly sync items with the desktop. Instead a work around is needed where the vendor, Cultured Code in this case, would need to create a desktop tool to talk to iCal. This is exactly what Cultured Code is doing. There is a desktop application called “Things” available for the OS 10.5. Its currently in Beta and there is a free download to try.

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