iPhone 3G my Review

I have been using the new iPhone 3G since its release just over a month ago.  While I really, really like the iPhone, the newer version has a couple of major flaws that really kill the fun and usability of device.  I’ll start with the good. The new iPhone is slimmer, lighter and feels really great in your hands.  I know that some people do not like the plastic backing, but I like it.  The sound quality on the speaker phone is better, and the voice quality is the best that I have experienced on any mobile phone.

The new software iPhone 2.0 ( I have upgraded to the latest version ) has many new features, but is unstable.  There are latency issues and applications are crashing too often for my liking.  The App Store, is fantastic and I am sure it is going to be very successful.  Of course it has one major flaw, no try before you use policy, which at the momment is really bad because Apple is just NOT doing any kind of quality control on the applications that are available.  

My major beef with the new iPhone is the battery life and the really poor GPS that it has implemented.  If you use any of the major features on the phone, like 3G, GPS, Push Email the battery does not last the day.  I know that I probaly use the iPhone more than the average user, but seriously having to charge my phone twice a day is ridiculous.  It almost makes me want to not use the iPhone… almost 😉

I really am in a prediciment because the iPhone offers me everything I wanted in a mobile device.  I have my music, videos, contacts, todo lists and mobile phone all in one place. That was what we all wanted and Apple delivered.  However, battery life is so critical that it renders all this functionality useless.  So my recomendation to poeple considering to by this device, wait.  The new iPhone is rumored to be out in January and I hope that Apple concentrates on improvements in battery life.  If this is the case Apple will then really be delivering an absolutely tremendous device!

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