3G iPhone – Do not buy on July 11

I am really a gadget freak and I think the iPhone is one of the coolest inventions ever. It changed the paradigm of mobile software and design forever. It pushed expectations to a new level, and forced other mobile vendors to create better phones. For the most part phone designs have improved, but mostly on the hardware front. On the software side things nobody has even come close to producing the user experience that is achievable on the iPhone.

Some people will beg to differ saying that the touch keyboard is awful and the BlackBerry devices are much better when emailing and texting is the major criteria. I would have to agree that the BlackBerry is better at email, but I do not agree that the touch keyboard is poor. In fact the software learns what you are typing and begins to make very meaningful suggestions that help to expedite the process as you continue to use it.

I will not even mention the Samsung products, which are no more then really bad clones. Having used Samsung phones, I can tell you that they do not get it. Hardware design is critical but no where as important as having great software to compliment the hardware. Just look at the Samsung Instinct to see what I am mean.

So on July 11th,2008 Apple will launch the 3G iPhone and I am going to tell you it is an absolutely amazing device, but I do not think you should buy it.  Here are my reasons why.

The Real Price

This has been flaunted all over the internet the last weeks so I will not dwell into this too much, but the real price of the iPhone 3G is much more then its predecessor when factoring in the monthly costs.

You have to sign up for a Contract

This is horrible.  One of the best things about the previous iPhones was that you could buy it and take it home.  If I wanted to void the guarantee I could then unlock the iPhone and use it with any mobile provider.  This of course is what I did, and I was fortunate enough to be able to use it with my existing provider without enduring the prices that the official mobile provider was asking for.

GPS is still not good enough

The GPS works differently then you might expect.  It is not a turn by turn kind of GPS system that you are used to with your car navigation systems.  Rather the GPS turns itself on periodically calculates your position and then powers itself down.  This is done in an effort to conserve battery life.  My point is that while GPS is really cool, it will not be in its classical sense.  Rather a new class of applications will take birth, but it will take time for them to mature.  So for me there is no rush here.

BlackBerry Thunder

I must admit that I am intrigued very much by this device which is begin positioned to compete directly with the iPhone 3G.  I think its wise to wait and see what RIM will produce.  I expect to see something really unique and cool.  If I know RIM they have had this design in the plans since they first heard of the iPhone last year.  This means that it will go the distance and provide a viable alternative.  In Canada, that might even mean much better contract rates, since RIM is a Canadian firm.

iPhone 2.0

The big thing here about the new iPhone is really the software guys. All the cool Enterprise features, updates and Applications will work on an updated iPhone.  So just update your old phone and enjoy the new experience.

One More Thing

Oh yeah, I bet money that Apple will come out with the next version of the iPhone early next year that will add some significant milage to the iPhone design.  What might this be?  Well let your imagination go free.  Apple wants this to be the one device everyone carries with them.  Could this be the device that we use as Electronic Cash? Or think of it as a device that talks to other computers telling them who you are.  There are a ton of applications that could be developed around that.  However, I think the real improvements will come in the area of touch technologies where Apple will strive to have more hand gestures.  Think Copy and Paste, there is a reason why its not there and I think its not a software issue but rather a hardware issue.

Final Words

So I highly recommend to wait a few months at the least and see how things develop.  In the meanwhile update the software to the original iPhone or buy yourself an original iPhone on eBay where you are going to get a really good price for an older model.

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9 Responses to 3G iPhone – Do not buy on July 11

  1. spiff says:

    I had the impression that the cheaper contract you get from One here in Austria is not so bad. You have to pay 150 € and then 20 € each month. But I have to admit that I don’ know if the package of included data and phoning usage is enough or if you then have to pay each month (assuming a “normal” usage).

  2. Mohan Gulati says:

    The plan in Austira is actually really good from One. If I was only considering price I think it would be a good choice. Especially if you do not have an iPhone already. But given that I already have an iPhone I do not see the values in locking myself in right now with any provider. Rather wait a bit and see what new innovations are coming. That was actually my main point.

  3. Sheila says:

    Yeah, the iPhone 3G has too many problems, I’m definitely going to wait, maybe another year.

  4. Sheila says:

    iPhone 3G doesn’t have a replaceable battery, either.

  5. bhushan says:

    thanks for this info, I was too excited to get a 3G but seems waiting till next year is a good idea.

  6. spiff says:

    Today I learned that you also have to take the iPhone package with the standard One plan here in Austria. So in total this means again 35 € for data and phone. I would pay 25 € a month but 35 is again 10 € too much for me.

  7. Doh says:

    Your points concerning the GPS are only partially correct. The iphones GPS is fully capable of turn by turn navigation – the reason why this doesn’t work is actually a licence problem with google (on googles part). This might change soon enough…

  8. autis says:

    I think 3g will cheaper but so sad too expense if no contract

  9. autiger says:

    thanks for great artical so i just purchased iphone from this site http://www.buyiphone-unlocked.com

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