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On Vacation

Just a short post to tell you that I am about to escape and will not be posting anything for the next few weeks. Will have much more to say, as usual :), when I get back.

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3G iPhone Data Plan now Cheaper in Canada

This is really cool! Rogers actually caved in to the demands of the people in Canada. I am impressed, very impressed. Take a look at the article yourself on Engadget.

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3G iPhone – Do not buy on July 11

I am really a gadget freak and I think the iPhone is one of the coolest inventions ever. It changed the paradigm of mobile software and design forever. It pushed expectations to a new level, and forced other mobile vendors … Continue reading

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MobileMe Launching tomorrow: July 9th

I am really excited about this! mobileMe is set to launch tomorrow. For those of you not familiar with this service, mobileMe is Apple’s new online software suite build with SproutCore that will offer their Mail, Online Photo Gallery, Address … Continue reading

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Outlook Mail Plugins: ClearContext and Xobni

I have been using two plugins at work with Microsoft Outlook  called ClearContext and Xobni.  Both are great plugins that have and have different strengths and weaknesses.  Xobni has recieved a lot of press of recent and is probably more … Continue reading

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Google Sari found by “Our Delhi Struggle”

Found this on the blogosphere and being from an Indo-Canadian background could not give this up. The Google Sari, more on “Our Delhi Struggle“.

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