Muxo, Subtitles for AppleTV and iPhone: Progress?

In a previous post of mine I discussed Muxo a tool that actually a friend of mine developed that runs on an Apple Computer. This tool embeds subtitles to MP4 files that can then be added to your iTunes library and viewed in Quicktime, on your AppleTV, or on your iPhone and iPod Touch. But this tool is still really in its infancy. There are bugs, and the user interface could be more developed. Browsing the user forums there are a number of important facts to be aware of.

Backup your file
Before you use Muxo, make sure to back up your MP4 file. Muxo is not very fault tolerant and there have been bugs reported that indicate files were unusable after using Muxo.

Integration in Handbrake
One feature request is to integrate Muxo functionality directly into Handbrake. What users do not know is that actually this was already submitted to the Handbrake team, but for some reason or the other it was not integrated into the release version.

Well there is basically no documentation for Muxo except for this small “How To” on the user forum. This is not so unusual with small products that are released as Freeware or Shareware.

Future of Muxo
Development of Muxo has seemed to slow down. This prompts speculation that maybe a major update of Muxo is on its way. I could imagine support for file conversions or a new user interface design. There is however the possibility that Muxo may simply not be developed any further. This would be a shame. In such an event, it would be great to see Muxo source code as an Open Source project. Such requests were made on the user forums as well.


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6 Responses to Muxo, Subtitles for AppleTV and iPhone: Progress?

  1. Great info, thanks for sharing!

  2. Jason says:

    good article, nice to hear about Muxo

  3. Mohan Gulati says:

    Thanks Guys! I will try to report on Muxo from time to time as I hear of any progress. Till now my friend is not really showing his cards! I visited the site Looks like really cool stuff!

  4. spiff says:

    I also used Handbrake to put a complete movie on my iPod Touch. It is really working well. I can just recommend it.

  5. Mohan Gulati says:

    Sure. Handbrake is great! The latest version will also provide support for conversions with AVI files for examples to MP4s. I thinks its still in development. So VisualHub will have some stiff competition there. I just wish Handbrake would also integrate the subtitle support rather then having to do this in another application. Not to say Muxo is not good, I just like one in all app.

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