Cross-Browser Syncing of Bookmarks: Foxmarks, Google Browser Sync

If you are like me you use multiple browsers on multiple machines, on multiple operating systems, then one of the most annoying problems that exists with such a working environment is the lack of ability to sync bookmarks across multiple browsers and access them anywhere anytime. Before you mention it, let me tell you right now that I am not a fan of online bookmarking services like

Rather I want a tool that understand the format of bookmarking among different browsers and keeps them in-sync. It seems like there is a good opportunity for a small application to fill this void. Perhaps, I do not know of any solution, but if you do, let me know.

I am aware of at least two solutions that are out there for FireFox: Google Browser Sync and Foxmarks. Both of these plugins sync bookmarks on multiple operating systems. I have experience with the first one and it works well. Initially when it first Google Browser Sync was released it was somewhat bulky and slow but this has been improved. It also has other syncing features like History and Cookies. Foxmarks also comes highly recommended.

For Safari you stuck with a Apple only solution that seems to only work for Apple Computers not Windows. I really do not understand this restriction. Syncing on Safari is accomplished with a .Mac account. Lets see if mobileMe changes this.

At the moment I am still looking for the ideal solution. Maybe I should write this myself?

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