Plagiarism: Copied Blog Posts

This is unbelievable.  The blog has copied at least two of my blog entries!  This is unbelievable. I know I already said this, but I cannot believe that this can happen.  These are my words!

So this opens up the question for me, what can I do about this?  My gut is getting a really bad feeling that there is not much.

Take a look at these stories that they just copied:

Look familiar?  The best is that the Sproutcore story was published today, and they already picked it up.  I am wondering if this is being done by some bots.

So what I would like to know, has this happened to anyone else?  What did you do?  How upset did it make you?  I am really not finding this form of plagiarism flattering at all!

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5 Responses to Plagiarism: Copied Blog Posts

  1. spiff says:


    This is also called splogging. Happened to me also already.

    Usually they simply take the RSS feed of your blog. This plugin for WordPress should help you:


  2. axnia says:

    it happens to me all the time! I have heard from many bloogers about this, I guess it happens automatically…
    I personally dont care, because they do make a link to me.

  3. sahajhist says:

    Yes, its annoying and irritating – and wordpress hide behind the U.S. digital reporting laws to avoid dealing with it. Here’s what happened to me:

  4. Mohan Gulati says:

    I have decided that the best way to deal with type of copying is to be proactive.
    I link back to my blog now more often in my articles to make sure that credit is given. I will see how this strategy works.

  5. Lena Doppel says:

    I agree with the stragegy Mohan suggested and include internal links into my posts.
    Sadly this doesn’t work when you get paid for news article. In one case I found an article I had written for a newspaper’s blog.
    The sploggers didn’t even cite the original site, just my name was still in it as the author.
    I informed the publisher (since they owned the copyright) but the practice seems so widespread these days, that they didn’t even consider take any actions. Yesterdays news is old news.
    But on the other hand when my father recently found one of his articles about cycling in the city on the website of an Austrian right wing party, he threatened to sue them and they immediately took it off.

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