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Muxo, Subtitles for AppleTV and iPhone: Progress?

In a previous post of mine I discussed Muxo a tool that actually a friend of mine developed that runs on an Apple Computer. This tool embeds subtitles to MP4 files that can then be added to your iTunes library … Continue reading

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Cross-Browser Syncing of Bookmarks: Foxmarks, Google Browser Sync

If you are like me you use multiple browsers on multiple machines, on multiple operating systems, then one of the most annoying problems that exists with such a working environment is the lack of ability to sync bookmarks across multiple … Continue reading

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DatabaseSpy: Project Management: Part 1 Data Sources

I am starting a new category of posts on myDezigns called “Tools I Use”.  In my inaugural post in this category I will write about a tool from Altova. Altova is the company that created XMLSpy and MapForce.  This post … Continue reading

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Plagiarism: Copied Blog Posts

This is unbelievable.  The blog has copied at least two of my blog entries!  This is unbelievable. I know I already said this, but I cannot believe that this can happen.  These are my words! So this opens up … Continue reading

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Sproutcore on Windows

Once in a while I get these feelings, which tells me something really really big is about to happen. When I get these feelings I cannot sleep because I become like a child waiting for Christmas morning. This is exactly … Continue reading

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Download FireFox 3 today!

At some point today, FireFox 3 will be available for download.  This is the third major version of FireFox and it quickly gaining more and more market share.  FireFox 3 is faster, leaner, meaning less memory usage and more secure. … Continue reading

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Apple Design Awards 2008

Apple just announced winners for their design awards this year.  What really cool is that they also post iPhone Developer show case to show us what type of application we can expect in July with iPhone 2.0 software.  Categories include: … Continue reading

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