XCode just the begining

I have been meaning to start learning Objective C for the last year and for some reason or the other it just has not happened.  In March when Apple announced the iPhone SDK I took that as my cue.  My keen enthusiasim for the iPhone and the opportunity to develop an application seemed to be the exact motivation I needed.

I have since, downloaded the SDK and started watching the iPhone Development videos. I am working my way through the Introduction to Objective C.  I have also downloaded various sample source projects.

At first I felt very lost when looking at the syntax of Objective C compared to C++.  However, after looking at code for over a few weeks my brain is starting to get over the mental hurdles that comes with looking at a new language.  

The iPhone SDK fits into the existing development framework provided by Apple.  This is great, because it means that you can use the existing tools, namely XCode.  XCode is the IDE for development on the Macintosh platform.  Coming from the Windows development environment, I develop mostly using Visual Studio with C++, XCode feels very compact and deceptively simple.  However, the more I use XCode, the more I get the impression that XCode has many hidden features that are just waiting for me to discover.

This post is just an introduction to the adventure that I am starting and I will write more specific experiences as I go along. Much more to come…

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